landscape tools scheme-pg电子竞技平台


product name

garden tool solution

product parameters

voltage support: 12~120v(typical value 25v~60v)
maximum rotation speed:100000rpm


● support non-inductive brushless motor with rated power less than 1000w

● 16k pwm square wave modulation drive, pid speed/ current double-closed loop

● multi-protections: over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, locked-rotor and out of control protections

● ultra- high drive success rate of non-inductive motor, 500cycle 100%

● operation under high temperature, 3h continuous operation at 65℃

● larger output torque compared with similar products

● unique self-adaption low power consumption technology, 30% increase of average duration capacity

● large radiator shell of thickened aluminum alloy with good insulation, water-proof and heat radiation performances