dimming power supply-pg电子竞技平台


product name

infrared remote control/wall-controlled dimming and color matching light product parameters

product parameters

output voltage:36v/48v


● mosfet:cs8n65/c

● mcu:cs98e154 / cs98p171co、cs98p154、cs98p373

● auxiliary power supply: pt2211 non-isolated voltage reduction structure, simple peripheral circuit, excellent cost performance

● driving mode: pt4271, adopt safe and reliable isolated single-stage pfc structure, better stepless dimming result

● package: mos packaging is available up to the choice of the customer, ic refers to general fixed packaging

● main functions: users can choose proper brightness and color temperature freely because you can switch the brightness and color temperature by detecting the turn-on and turn-off actions and times of the wall switch or infrared remote controlling, and the memory function makes it available for you not to re-adjust every time when you open the light.