electric bicycle-pg电子竞技平台



the electric vehicle application mainly includes “motor drive”, “control drive”, “test circuit” and “hall and motor” etc.

● motor drive: driven by medium and low voltage dmos transistor, sgt mos is preferred

product list
electric bicycle
product model product encapsulation product category
crss042n10n to-263 mos
crss082n15n to-263 mos
crss082n15n to-263 mos
crss042n10n to-263 mos
crss037n10n to-263 mos
crss035n10n to-263 mos
crss028n10n to-263 mos
crss052n08n to-263 mos
crss031n08n to-263 mos
crss023n08n to-263 mos
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