product display

  structure of panel packaging products


  panel and products of siplp microelectronic


  advantages of siplp’s advanced packaging technology

●bumping/copper pillar middle process is not needed.    

●thick trace can support bigger current.    

●able to realize 6-side protection and the reliability reaches msl1. especially suitable for automobile electronics.    

●thinner than fc (no substrate or lead frame)    

●no bumping, unnecessary reflow, seamless connection, better product performance and higher reliability.    

●smaller parasitic effect    

●smaller on-resistance rdson    

●flexible technology. especially suitable for mcm multiple chips packaging and power module packaging    

●able to make copper clip pqfn and can realize double cooling.    

●especially suitable for embedded passive device of power package, multiple chips package and module package.    

●emi shielding anti-electromagnetic interference    

●one panel one lot    

●more suitable for the packaging of the third-generation semiconductors such as sic and gan.


 siplp packaging way and main application fields