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on march, 13th, dr. chen nanxiang, the executive vice president of cr micro was invited to attend the meeting grandly held by jiweipreview jiweipreview idle talk. industrial experts and friends of jiweipreview shared the status of temperature measuring industry under the epidemic situation, which gain much concerns within the industry. the meeting was presided by mr. yao, the founder of jiweipreview. other guests invited include xu dehui, board chairman of yeying electronics, shen chongfei, board chairman of shanghai magnity electronics and lu jianguo, board chairman of chipsea technologies. the total number of online view during the live broadcast exceeds 10000 according to the statistics of jiweipreview, which is very popular!

cr micro shoulders the mission and social responsibilities as the central government-owned enterprise in the fight against epidemic

the products related with temperature measuring industry of cr micro include mcu and its solutions, photoelectric sensor and thermopile. the thermopile mainly supports the domestic customers with self-development currently. dr. chen nanxiang said, once we received the order of temperature measuring chips after the epidemic occurs, the company set up the emergency group at once to meet the management and control requirements of ministry of industry and information technology and other government departments, we also actively deployed the production capacity of silicon microphones of sensors and the pressure sensors, etc. and spared no effect to ensure the production of temperature measuring chips. as for the subsequent demands, cr micro will also make effort to increase production capacity to meet customers' requirements by process deployment, etc. it is a bounden duty for cr micro to bear the social responsibilities as the central government-owned enterprise in fight against the epidemic.

xu dehui, board chairman of yeying electronics, said in the meeting that cr micro is our backup force and we are very grateful. cr micro full supports yeying electronics during the epidemic with no price increase even under pressure, which shows the responsibility of a central government-owned enterprise and transfers positive energy in the industrial chain.

feelings for the nation of the domestic semi-conductor enterprises

dr. chen nanxiang said there's no quality difference between the product made in china and abroad when referring to the performance of domestic and oversea suppliers in temperature measuring chain. seen from the performance of the semi-conductor enterprises in china, no matter the start-up enterprise or the state-owned enterprises all have feelings for the nation. they actively and timely made response. the industry and living habits arechanged greatly by this epidemic. now the support for work resumption is almost in place and the students will return to school later. we still need to work together to win the fight against epidemic finally. we are now still facing the imbalance between supply and demand in the industrial chain. cr micro is willing to make joint effort with our customers to realize upstream and downstream collaboration in the industrial chain, and we also need the support, active coordination and mediation from the government.

gradually establishing industry scale, industry self-discipline and industry integration

as for the topic if there are huge oversea orders under the epidemic situation abroad, dr. chen nanxiang believes that the prevention and control on epidemic in china is highly effective. the wall street reported that china used may high-tech means in epidemic prevention and control, such as non-contact image body temperature screening and big data, etc. people will learn from such good methods and technologies. china got support from some friendly countries during the epidemic period, and as an enterprise in chinese industry, we shall be grateful and repay them. i believe the establishment of industry scale, industry self-discipline, industry integration and industry order will bring us with oversea orders which may also bring opportunities to the local enterprises.