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recently, the people's government of jiangsu province released the decision of jiangsu province on granting science and technology awards in 2019. 273 projects were awarded within the province and 45 projects won the first prize. the project "key technology and application for designing and manufacturing intelligent power chips" of csmc technologies corporation (csmc) under foundry business group of cr micro, won the first prize of science and technology award of jiangsu province.

the southeast university, csmc technologies corporation, wuxi chipown micro-electronics limited and wuxi nce power co., ltd worked together for this project. the four companies start from mechanism exploration, innovation and invention to serial research on integration application from the four aspects: high and low voltage compatibility process technology, anti-transient electric shock circuit technology, low loss power device technology and high power density integrated interconnection technology, build complete technical chain for intelligent power chips and realize self-design and manufacturing of chips, which break the international monopoly after long-term and deep cooperation. the core technology of the project has been granted 8 american patents and 118 chinese invention patents (totally four companies for cooperation); the overall technical results of the project is of advanced level in the world, among which the 600v~1000v multi-potential floating substrate high and lower compatibility technology and the anti-transient electric shock circuit technology is of international leading level.

in this project, invented the 600v~1000v multi-potential floating substrate high-and-lower voltage compatible process platform based on p-sub/p-epi, and invented dual-strip n-well assisted depletion divided-resurf isolation structure and low-loss "u-shape" channel 600v soi-ligbt power device. this technical platform does not only provide process and technology supports for various high-reliability intelligent power-driven chip products of the company, but also provides mass production and oem for many domestic and oversea companies.

su wei, general manager of foundry business group of cr micro says: "there are great opportunities in the localization of integrated circuit. besides supporting the product business development of the company, cr micro is willing to make joint effort with partners in the local industrial chain on new technology research and development and provide specialized platform to make overall layout, to cater for market hot spots in the semiconductor market with our customers".